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I strongly recommend Dr. Hilary Costello as a health and wellness practitioner. She is an amazing listener and is masterful at breaking down the complex into small, practical action steps. I have greatly benefited from her wise counsel and progressive approach to modern medicine. She is an insightful, warm and supportive doctor who can help you identify issues and take the necessary steps to achieving optimum health. P.R.

Dr. Hilary Costello brings her total being to her practice and to her life. She is a doctor who listens carefully to her patients and she acknowledges more than one way to address the many problems and challenges her practice presents. In the ever changing medical landscape, Dr. Costello creates, motivates, and enthusiastically engages her patients in their specific healing path to health and life. Dr. Janet I Filing PhD

I refer patients to Dr. Costello for holistic dermatology and minor surgery with great confidence. She approaches medicine with grace and exceptional skills. When you are with Dr. Costello you clearly see her love for the art of medicine and her passion for serving people through non-profit work in developing nations. Dr. Erika Siegel N.D.

Dr. Costello offers much more than her skillfulness as a naturopathic physician. I find her gentle healing presence, and willingness be a great listener to be asset as a practitioner. She has been my primary physician since I moved to Portland almost 4 years ago. Robyn Urbach

I have been seeing Dr. Costello for almost 10 years, from the time she was working at the NCNM training clinic. I have always felt that Dr. Costello was a very good listener and supporter for whatever health situation I was seeking advice. She has always been very respectul and gentle yet posesses a wealth of knowledge about natural remedies which allow her to offer a range of helpful options. Furthermore, Dr. Costello has been generously available to help with some acute condtitions that my baby was experiencing over a weekend when we could not come into the clinic. In all of our contacts, she gracefully balances impecable professionalism and sincere warmth and caring. K.K.

Dr. Costello provides expert detail to every procedure. My skin surgery went very smoothly aided by her calm and confident demeanor. I was as relaxed as one could be in this situation. B.T.

As a dear friend and colleague I have great respect for Dr. Costello. She is one of the most gifted and grounded practitioners that I have come across and I wholeheartedly recommend her. Dr. Costello's life as an artist is apparent both in her skillful minor surgery practice and in her creative and thoughtful treatment plans. Patients thrive in her care. Rose Paisley, N.D.

Dr. Costello removed several moles from my face. It has made a huge difference in how I perceive myself and has had a surprising effect on my self esteem. She was calm and friendly in her office while doing the radiofrequency procedure. I was surprised how easy it was and it healed so well that I can barely see where the moles were. I would highly recommend her as a doctor. She has great skills and is very nice. Jill T.

Nature Cures Clinic provides a caring and relaxed environment. I used to shy away from the doctor, but now I look forward to it! A.B.

I have been a freckled and mole-y person my entire life and as a child I was even photographed for a number of years as part of a study on the progress of moles from childhood to adulthood at the Pigmented Lesion Clinic of the University of Pennsylvania. It was there that prestigious dermatologists at the top of their field removed several things periodically over the years from my skin. So from an early age I was extremely keen as to the removal and healing process of my own skin in response to mole excision. I traveled from the east coast to see Dr. Costello because I was interested in having some moles on my face, a delicate region, removed and I had heard a great deal about the success of Radiosurgery. After consulting with Dr. Costello I felt that she listened carefully to my concerns and patiently explained the process to me so thoroughly and with attention to detail. I learned that not only is she an accomplished N.D. but she also has a unique lifelong involvement in fine arts which have given her the steadiness and precision that add an innate strength to her surgical technique. I felt very comfortable proceeding. Dr. Costello has now removed countless moles and little red hemangiomas on my face and body over a 4 year period including a large mole on the apple of my cheek from which there is not even a scar left. I also had large moles on my arms removed where now there is fresh skin. My healing has always been seamless, and i have no scars, and I yet I do have scars from the moles removed long ago by those top dermatologists in my early life. I have sent family members to her who have also chosen to travel from elsewhere in the US to see her for mole removals. I cannot say enough about how happy I am to not have these things on my body anymore, I feel so much more confident about my face in particular and I have been so impressed with the results and with Dr. Costello's professionalism and talent, and with her skill in progressive Radiosurgery. She has a true mastery of this removal method and these tools. K.A.

My first visit to a Naturopath was with Hilary Costello. She was understanding, non-intimidating and based her treatment plan around what I was comfortable with. The results were wonderful and I recommend her to people I know any chance I get! - Meghan Simmons

In January I moved to Portugal and one of the people I was sure to miss a lot was Dr. Costello. I had never had a doctor that was so kind, so attentive to my concerns regarding my health and never rushed during consultations. I have not found anyone to replace her yet. S.B.

Hilary has been great to work with, for me and our whole family. She has a presence that puts our young daughters at ease, even when they are feeling afraid and vulnerable. I loved her focus on my complete and comprehensive health. Her guidance as my primary physician has enabled me to loose weight, become more flexible, and feel happier and healthier than ever before! M.Y.

Dr. Costello's bodywork (physical medicine) has been transformative for me. Her intuitive technique has brought great improvement to my overall health. Some of my worst symptoms have gone away! C.P.

"Having been your very first lipoma surgery patient in 2003, it amazed me how calm you were doing the arm surgery for the very first time. So confident that everything was going to be successful and the final results-----great work, super stitching, and shortly thereafter no sign of any surgery. Thank you for your great work. I have recommended you to many of my friends DCC

Dr.Costello is thorough and compassionate. She has been a delight to work with on the board of Culture Medicine and I look forward to our future endeavors. Hatha Gbedawo, ND

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